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Announcing an innovative, one-of-a-kind program that merges the practical skills needed to run your business successfully with the human skill required to excel in the complex environment we live in with your employees. The purpose of this program is to give you real world understanding that goes far beyond what McDonald's is telling you and gets you to the top of your game.

We are thrilled to have partnered with Simon Sinek's The Optimism Company to launch the NOA Leadership Academy, which will give you the leadership skills necessary to succeed as an Owner/Operator in the McDonald's system.

Course Description:

Networking- How to Build Relationship with Company Officers, Local and National

If you are a second Gen, do you feel the top people don't talk to you and only to your parents? Or do you often feel like you are on an island and only your Coop leaders are getting the good info or the calls? What can one do?


Communication Strategies for High Performance: In this final session, Communications Expert Elisabeth Cardiello will share the simple things you can do (or stop doing) to take a giant step toward unlocking the potential for collaboration, innovation and execution.


  • Elisabeth Cardiello (Instructor at The Optimism Company)

    Elisabeth Cardiello

    Instructor at The Optimism Company

    Elisabeth Cardiello is a communications expert, who after a decade of owning Caffe Unimatic, the coffee company featured in the Netflix documentary “Coffee For All,” deconstructed the conversations she had over coffee. She turned her findings into a neuroscience-backed framework that gives leaders a step-by-step process to address the sensitive issues that are often avoided, improve the quality of their conversations, and hence, build thriving cultures of trust and transparency.

    Elisabeth has given Congressional briefings, spoken at the UN and two TEDx conferences, been featured by Forbes, NBC, SHRM, Goop, and Virgin’s 100% Human at Work. She is also the Co-Founder of an education company whose proprietary methodology builds confidence in young women.

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  • To Be Announced (Owner/Operator at McDonald's)

    To Be Announced

    Owner/Operator at McDonald's


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